95 Wigmore Street

95 Wigmore Street

Great Portland Estates acquired 95 Wigmore Street in 2006 on the inception of the Great Wigmore Partnership (GWP), a joint venture with Aberdeen Asset Management.

95 Wigmore Street occupies a site bounded by Wigmore Street to the North, Duke Street to the West and James Street to the East. The redevelopment transformed an entire West End block to create new offices, shops and homes. Completed in 2013 the new scheme, totalling 112,700 square feet, replaced a mixture of inefficient and unsustainable 1960s and 1970s office buildings.

Integral Cradles provided a bespoke BMU to the eight-storey building, which was designed by architects ORMS. The BMU was designed with a two-stage extending jib, complete with a glass replacement lifting winch with a capacity of 500kg. The BMU can be “parked” away when not in use, within the dedicated roof parking zone, thus leaving the skyline clear. The access to and egress from the roof parking zone is via an integrated powered turntable unit, which allows the BMU to change tracks.

In addition to maintaining the BMU, GIND UK also provided safe access to roof solar tubes via safety harness eyebolts and safety lines.

At a Glance

Company – GIND UK

Project name – 95 Wigmore Street

Client – Great Wigmore Partnership

Project type – Mixed-use development

Current status – GIND UK continues to maintain the equipment.

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