GIND UK awarded zero carbon energy certificate

EV Car or Electric car at charging station with the power cable supply plugged in on blurred nature with soft light background. Eco-friendly alternative energy concept

GIND UK is proud to announce the award of a zero carbon energy certificate from British Gas Business. This is a key element in GIND UK’s changeover to 100% electric and renewable fuels in all its vehicles.

A green fleet forms part of the company’s commitment to becoming a net zero company by 2026 – well ahead of the government mandate of 2050.

The company has made it its mission to be open and transparent about its journey to become a net zero company. This comes from the belief that if every organisation takes this approach, it will ultimately make a difference on a global scale.

Another way in which GIND UK reduces its carbon footprint is by taking steps to avoid the necessity of maintenance. There are high economic and environmental costs associated with the repeated maintenance painting of steel structures. These burdens can be significantly reduced by an initial investment in long-term protection.

GIND UK is one of the UK’s foremost façade access system maintenance providers. Working in partnership with its sister company Integral Cradles, the two deliver a whole lifecycle solution for clients – from conception to completion to maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.