GIND UK Commences Beneficial Use at One Thames City

One Thames City - BMU N9

GIND UK, on behalf of Integral Cradles, has commenced the beneficial use on the project One Thames City for client Midgard / R&F Property– a new landmark development set to become an iconic presence on the River Thames.

With its waterside location, uninterrupted views and exemplary amenities, it is one of the most desirable destinations in London. Completing now are Building No.8 and Building No.9, two of the three towers that are at the centre of the development. No.8 is 53 storeys high – the jewel in the crown of the development.

Following beneficial use and completion of the construction phase of the project, the ongoing fully comprehensive maintenance and servicing of the equipment will be provided by GIND UK, supported by our sole supplier GIND (Madrid).