GIND UK signs up to the real Living Wage

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GIND UK, which delivers bespoke access system maintenance for the world’s most iconic buildings, has signed up to the real Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by over 11,000 UK employers who believe everyone needs a wage that meets their everyday needs. They are awarded the real Living Wage Employer mark. Those who sign up guarantee to pay all employees aged 18 or over the real Living Wage, which goes further than the government minimum.

The real Living Wage is an hourly rate that is calculated each year based on the cost of living. On 22nd September 2022, there was a 10.1% increase in the real Living Wage, the largest year-on-year rise yet. It is now £10.90 per hour nationally and £11.95 in London. These rises will help to meet the recent rise in the cost of living, which has seen the cost of fuel reach unprecedented levels, with the cost of food and also heavily impacted.

GIND UK, along with its installation partner Integral Cradles, takes a responsible approach in all areas of business. As well as signing up to the real Living Wage, both organisations have pledged to become Net-Zero businesses by 2026. This is a key part of their business models.