GIND UK to provide expertise at 105 Victoria street

105 Victoria Street

GIND UK congratulate our installation partner Integral Cradles (Integral) on being selected to deliver a specialist access solution for the major new development at 105 Victoria Street in London. 

The Integral Cradles team will be working with main contractor Skanska, whose client is BentallGreekOak. 

The scheme is for a new 470,000 square-foot office development in Victoria that is currently used by House of Fraser. Integral will be providing many smaller access systems as well the telescopic, track mounted BMU (Building Maintenance Unit). 

The project design starts straight away, with offsite manufacture in 2024, delivery to site will take place predominantly in early 2025, with the building to be completed by the end of that year. 

GIND UK will be delivering beneficial use servicing, testing and commissioning and ongoing warrantied maintenance on this project for Integral Cradles Ltd as well as supporting the clients ongoing warrantied maintenance of what will be a key asset.