GIND UK and Integral Cradles complete work at One Thames City

One Thames City

GIND UK’s design and installation partner, Integral Cradles, has just completed the installation of an access solution at One Thames City – a new landmark development set to become an iconic presence on the River Thames. The work was completed on behalf of contractor Midgard and client R&F Property.

With its waterside location, uninterrupted views and exemplary amenities, it is one of the most desirable destinations in London. Launching now are Building No.8 and Building No.9, two of the three towers that are at the centre of the development. No.8 is 53 storeys high – the jewel in the crown of the development.

Despite the project still being in the construction phase, Integral Cradles has completed the access solution at the earliest possible programme opportunity to help the client maximise the use of the systems during the construction phase. Utilising our in-house design capabilities, we were able to value engineer the solution to remove the need for additional systems to overcome the minimum reach conditions, by the incorporation of a secondary jib within the BMU structure. This innovation is, we understand, the only such solution in the UK and reduces cost for the client during the build process as well as introducing long-term savings that would have resulted from additional testing and inspection during the lifecycle of the building. Yet another example of innovation and commercial savings that Integral Cradles can bring to the project for the client’s benefit.

The ongoing fully comprehensive maintenance and servicing of the equipment during the construction phase and beyond will be provided by GIND UK.