GIND UK and Integral Cradles make the switch to an all-electric fleet


GIND UK and partner company Integral Cradles are proud to announce that they have made the switch to an all-electric fleet of vehicles.

Integral Cradles creates permanent façade access solutions across the UK for high buildings with unique specifications and demands. GIND UK is one of the UK’s foremost providers of maintenance packages for façade access systems. Working in partnership, the two deliver a whole-lifecycle solution from conception to aftersales care and PPM.

In 2022, both Integral Cradles and GIND UK pledged to upgrade all vans and vehicles to 100% all-electric by the start of 2023. This is part of a wider initiative to achieve net zero by 2026 – way ahead of the government mandate for all companies to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Switching to an all-electric fleet has three immediate overarching benefits for businesses:

  1. Sustainability – Transport is now the UK’s largest emitting sector, with 91% of those emissions coming from road transport. While this figure is starting to come down, there is still a long way to go to achieve net zero overall. Each company that commits to an all-electric fleet is making an important contribution to a cleaner environment.
  2. Cost savings – The potential ownership savings of electric vehicles are significant. The average running costs compared to petrol and diesel are 49% or £1,306 cheaper.
  3. Convenience – Electric vehicles offer flexibility as, unlike petrol or diesel cars, drivers are able to charge to suit the operational needs of their fleet. With new regulations, commercial and environmental concerns, there is little doubt that sustainability and carbon reduction is at top of the agenda for every type of organisation.