One St George Wharf

St George Wharf Tower, London

We secured this prestigious order in December 2012 to provide a bespoke access system on the Broadway Maylan Architects-designed St George Wharf Tower.

The project is the tallest solely residential tower in the UK and is yet another high-profile scheme that we secured for contractor Brookfield Multiplex following on from the successful completion of Strata Tower.

This solely residential development made up of 52 storeys, is 185m tall and houses 212 luxury apartments. It is the tallest of its kind in the UK. We provided one telescopic building maintenance unit with the capacity to lift glass up to 550 kg.

The BMU equipment has been installed upon a unique freely-laid system that encompasses noise-reducing elements, required to satisfy reduced noise levels due to the installation being in close proximity to the Penthouse.

The BMU was designed to fit in the roof-top parking garage enabling the equipment to be protected from the elements when not in use.

At a Glance

London, SW8
Architect: Broadway Maylan Architects
Main Contractor: Brookfield
Building Height: 181m

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