Project History Gallery

Integral Cradles and GIND UK have delivered a whole-lifecycle solution for the façade access market for almost 20 years. Integral Cradles designs and installs bespoke building maintenance units, while partner GIND UK provides warrantied maintenance solutions for some of the most iconic tall buildings in the UK.

Both organisations are regular finalists in the leading FM industry awards for their innovative approach. At The Scalpel, Integral Cradles and GIND UK were recognised for their use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Not only did it enable the team to detect and resolve issues quickly and easily, they also used the digital assets as part of the training process to show the client how to operate the units.

Integral Cradles and GIND UK are amongst the most progressive organisations within their industry. 20% of the team are female and half were born outside the UK. The organisations have pledged to become net zero by 2030 – 20 years ahead of the government’s mandate.

1. St Mary's Axe - The Gherkin

St Mary’s Axe (“The Gherkin”)

2. The Scalpel

52 Lime Street (“The Scalpel”)


One Blackfriars Tower

4. 10 Park Drive

10 Park Drive

5. 48 Leicester Square

48 Leicester Square

6. 66 Chiltern Street

66 Chiltern Street

7. 95 Wigmore Street

95 Wigmore Street

8. 185 Park Street

185 Park Street

9. Canary Wharf (5NC)

Canary Wharf (5NC)

10. Canary Wharf (One)

Canary Wharf (One)

11. Canary Wharf (OTC)

Canary Wharf (OTC)

12. Damac Tower

Damac Tower

13. Hawley Wharf

Hawley Wharf

14. HSBC


15. London Development Project

London Development Project

16. Southbank Place

Southbank Place

17. London Dock

London Dock

18. Marble Arch Place

Marble Arch Place

19. Principle Place

Principle Place

20. Quay Club

Quay Club

21. White City Palace

White City Palace