We work in a safety-critical industry, often delivering warrantied maintenance solutions for façade access systems on the world’s highest buildings. That’s why the safety of our team is always our first priority.

GIND UK is proud to be a member of SAEMA – Specialist Access Engineering & Maintenance Association.

SAEMA is respected throughout the industry for its pioneering approach to training and guidance for both temporary and permanent suspended access.

SAEMA participates in the development of national and international standards relevant to the façade access equipment industry. Its members adhere strictly to these standards, work to established benchmarks to guarantee consistency and use only equipment that is proven to be reliable and of the highest quality.

At GIND UK, we are proud to be included among the industry’s most trusted suppliers of warrantied maintenance of façade access systems.

SAEMA has developed User Training, a unique way for those who work at height to be assessed on their technical understanding of the processes and equipment involved.

As a result, a greater number of engineers and operatives will be accredited as safe and competent, contributing to a safer construction industry with fewer workplace accidents.

GIND UK is looking into using SAEMA User Training amongst all its staff as a way of improving best practice even further.

Tony Seddon, Company Secretary of SAEMA: “We work with companies who are committed to the very highest standards of safety. We are delighted to count GIND UK as one of our members.

“It is a pleasure to work with Managing Director Kevin Walton, ensuring GIND UK benefits from our experience and expertise in working safely at height on some of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the UK.

“I look forward to taking our working relationship a step further with SAEMA User Training.”